UnThreat - Internet Security 2012


Comprehensive antivirus solution


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UnThreat - Internet Security 2012 is a security tool that is prepared to scan and clean your computer of any virus, trojan, or other threat capable of damaging your system.

One of its most interesting features is called 'road warrior', which takes charge of protecting your Internet connection whenever you're connected to an unsafe network (naturally, this function is designed for laptop computers).

The program will also monitor your files and folders to make sure that nothing strange happens to them. If something does happen, the program will alert you quickly and act to shut down the problem if necessary.

Other protection features included in UnThreat - Internet Security 2012 include an anti-spyware filter, which will block any threat from reaching your computer, and protection for your email and webpages (including links).

UnThreat - Internet Security 2012 is a comprehensive security suite that has everything necessary to keep you from worrying about your computer. And, everything is accessible from a simple, thoughtful interface that makes navigating and performing different tasks a breeze.

30-day trial.

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